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A Big Thank You

This past weekend - April 27 & 28 - during the Cowichan Artisans' Spring Studio Tour I opened my new studio for the first time. Getting the studio ready for visitors felt a bit like a race against time and had I had the option of postponing for a few weeks I would happily have accepted the offer. But as the tour was fast approaching I pushed through and manged to get the place set up and was overwhelmed by the number of guests that came by to see what I had been up to this past year. The studio on Islay Street is now a reality and I can't wait to open it again in couple of months time....

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A Tour and a New Studio

Towards the end of summer last year, I moved my studio from its previous location on Richards Trail into the heart of Duncan. Moving a clay studio is not the simplest of moves with all the heavy equipment, kilns, work tables, buckets of glaze and glaze chemicals along with clay, clay and more clay. Thankfully the new space is ample and with lots of potential so work tables and drying shelves quickly made themselves at home. For the first couple of months I mostly tried to absorb and get a feel for the new surroundings. I tried a bit of this, and moved things around, then tried a bit of that. It took a little while for me to feel...

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Seconds Sale

February 2 from 11am-4pm 11am-4pm at Westholme Tea Company 8350 Richards Trail Seconds are pieces that have some small flaw but are still quite usable – so it's an opportunity to find your new favourite mug or other piece at a discount! I also ask anyone so inclined to wear a Tutu. This creates a carnivalesque atmosphere on a midwinter’s day and what’s more it offers 22% savings off all regularly priced clay pieces in the Gallery.

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