Mug - Large - White Clay
Mug - Large - White Clay
Mug - Large - White Clay
Mug - Large - White Clay
Mug - Large - White Clay

Mug - Large - White Clay

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Description: This classic North American drinking vessel is perfect for those who love large quantities of tea but want to avoid constantly revisiting the kitchen for a refill; This mug will hold quite a lot of your favourite drink, hot or cold. A generous handle makes this mug easy to carry around the house, garden or workplace without burning your fingers – ideal for any tea, but especially a black tea or herbal tisane that requires 100°C+ water for optimal steeping. This handled mug is as beautiful as it is functional.

White stoneware clay is incised with one of Margit’s unique designs. The mug is painted with a white and/or blue food-safe glaze and accented with a blue glaze.

Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

Uses: Excellent for any tea you like, but best for black teas or herbal tisanes. Tea lattés, hot cocoa, and various coffee drinks also fit well into this versatile mug. Even a hot soup.
Material: White Stoneware Clay, White and Blue food-safe Glaze.

Every piece is individual, and may vary slightly by width, height, and capacity. All measurements are approximate.

Size (approximate):
Height : 9 - 13 cm
Width : 7 cm
Capacity (approximate):
Cups : 1.5 - 2 cups
Ounces : 12 - 16 fl oz